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I work at the intersection of science, therapy, and education. I spend pretty much every day thinking about how I can make injury rehabilitation & performance more efficacious, engaging and accessible. It’s always frustrated me that this process is incredibly complicated and disengaging for so many people. I talk a lot about the need to rethink and disrupt traditional approaches to rehab and strength & conditioning paradigms so that we can meet the needs of more athletes. Nothing satisfies me more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems, and contributing to the growth of the fitness industry.

I’m a Wolverhampton boy, born and bred, who’s now an adopted Yorkshireman. I began my career in the RAF as a PTI before moving onto a 15-year stint as a PT. During that time, I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a first-class honours degree in Osteopathy and later with a Masters degree in Sports & Exercise Science.

I’ve nearly three decades of clinical experience and 15 years of academic teaching. I’ve competed as an elite level endurance road and track cyclist, achieving several national titles. But always loved to worship at the iron alter. So I’ve paid my dues and see my senior position within the industry as one of weening out bad practice and raising the bar within the health fitness industry.

My academic work has appeared in various peer-reviewed journals, and I’ve served as part of the peer review panel for the Journal of Sports Therapy hosted by the University College Birmingham and as Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Sports and Exercise Therapy at Leeds Beckett University. I’m currently the Co-Director of Mofo Body Mechanic, where I work as a senior clinician to a team of equally motivated therapists.

Oh, and between my wife and I, I also have a bunch of kids, 5 in total!. Bridget, Lewis, Robyn, Eva & Ida.

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 Co-founder of Mofo Body Mechanics Ltd 


National Titles in Road and Track Cycling


1st Class BSc Hons Osteopathy, MSc Sport & Exercise Therapy

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I lead a team of therapists at Mofo HQ in Batley, West Yorkshire, where I serve as a senior clinician, offering various manual therapy treatment modalities. But more importantly, I bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance by combining manual therapy with gym-based rehab solutions, training programme modifications, and removing common and often overlooked movement faults. My approach is much more of a coaching style, with a fully comprehensive package from assessment, to rehab, to training and discharge with regular check-ins. My goal is always to keep you training. Rest isn’t rehab..

These services are available to bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongman & women, cross-fitters and Olympic weightlifters at any level. But I also have a large number of endurance athletes, and none athletes use my services.

I also offer an online option for remote consultations. Something which has proven as successful as my face to face option.

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