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Described as pragmatic, I like to solve problems. I’ve been driven by my intellectual curiosity to find simple solutions to common sports performance nutrition-related topics in a way that’s uncomplicated. And I’m about as delicate as a hand grenade, a no-nonsense Yorkshire lass. If you’re looking for tea and sympathy, that ain’t my bag. If you want a clinician driven to unite the gaps between nutrition science and its application in a practical way, that’s me.

I’ve nearly three decades of clinical experience coaching clients from team GB Cycling to world champion MMA fighters. I’ve worked in a number of specialities as an NHS Dietician, consulted on several private label supplements and taught undergraduate Sports & Exercise Therapy and Sports Performance Nutrition.

My sporting career started phenomenally well; by the age of 22, I’d three endurance cycling competition records in the bag, two world championships two pro tours and numerous national titles. By the age of 22, my cycling was over. 6 years of putting the hammer down had stripped me of my health and passion. In my last race, the Women's Tour de France, I had to be carried off my bike. The journey back to health has been long and incomplete. Why is this relevant? Because I’m the squeaky wheel in the team, flying the flag and banging on about the importance of health over performance, recovery, optimising nutrition, supplementation, adequate sleep and stress management.

I’m a fervent believer that bringing the highest quality nutrition information is inclusive in considering the often-forgotten needs of, say, a struggling single mum returning to competitive bodybuilding, the post prep hormone complications of newbie competitor or the digestive problems limiting the performance of a female powerlifter.

And yes, I’m also the other 50% of Mofo and part of the mother/father team that parent our blended family of 5 kids, Bridget, Lewis, Robyn, Eva & Ida.

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Co-founder of Mofo Body mechanics Ltd


Former International Road and Mountain Bile cyclist. Competition Records & National Titles. 


BSc Hons Applied Human Nutrition, MSc Dietetics 

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I serve a wide-ranging sporting clientele offering remote, health and performance-related clinical support. Most of my clients are female competitors from strength and endurance sports struggling with digestive and hormone health issues.

I also assist our team of therapists at Mofo HQ in delivering injury-related nutrition support and diet-related interventions to modulate inflammatory and rheumatological conditions.

I also run a blood testing and support service at Mofo HQ.

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