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My name is Olivia Orchowski; owner of The Lean Lab in Australia, online women’s health coach, doula, and all-round superstar.


My journey started when I was 15 and pulled into the modelling world. It was here when I was first introduced to so many girls who had incredibly unhealthy lifestyles and dietary/exercise habits (myself included). This was where I first started to see where the problems were with so many women; along with my interest in health, spurred me into the fitness industry. 


Originally I had high hopes of specialising specifically in coaching women for bodybuilding and bikini comps, but all these women kept coming to me with hormonal and gut issues. It seemed like for years I couldn’t find a client who wasn’t broken! It was through pure chance that I found myself working with so many hormonal and health issues, and then specialising in women’s and holistic health.


A jack of all trades; I work a lot with client movement, fixing and assessing poor movement patterns, complex health and hormonal issues, chronic conditions, gut dysbiosis, fertility, nutrition and western herbal medicine. My strongest ability is that I can understand the science stuff, and can explain it in a way that someone without a science background can understand (Queen of Laymens). 


I hope to bring a newfound level of body literacy to the female members, and a newfound appreciation for how fabulous the female form is for our male members/coaches! 


In the words of some old guy (probably): “There is no such thing as a stupid question”

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Helping countless women work through their health issues

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Teaching my dog how to speak

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Creating a viral Instagram stalking app

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I offer a wide range of services including:

  • Online coaching

  • Labour and PP Doula support 

  • Pregnancy and PP training 

  • Functional testing analysis

  • 1:1 mentoring

  • Private consulting services 

For more information visit my website

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