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My name, as you may have already guessed from the page title is Stephen, I am one of the co-founders of the SN Education site alongside Dr Dean St Mart and Leigh Kember, owner of the Supplement Needs Brand. 

I am a coach, a nutritionist, a show promoter, I have tried my hand on the bodybuilding stage, at powerlifting and pretty much every other type of strength sport you can think of over the years.


I got into the education side of bodybuilding purely by chance, I have a condition called Hereditary Hemochromatosis, in essence, the opposite of anaemia but the iron stores itself in your organs causing damage.

As a PIED user I decided that if I was going to take any risks that I had to understand what they were and set about reading anything I could get my hands, this coupled with having regular bloodwork meant I could track how my body reacted on cycle.

All of this research led to me having a rudimentary understanding of compounds and their actions/reactions on our bodies. From there I assisted at various NHS Needle clinics in association with local gyms on helping people understand what the compounds were doing to their body. 

At this point I was coaching some friends for shows and decided if I wanted to charge someone for this then I better get qualified. So I signed up for a nutrition course, I was on the first intake of MNU many years ago and passed their honours course with distinction.

I am also just beginning to undertake my postgraduate in nutrition.

I competed in some local level powerlifting competitions and done quite well, however, while in training I managed to detach my pec. The hospital reattached it however it partially detached again soon after. Thus ended my days of being able to powerlift to even a decent local level. 

My next foray into competing was bodybuilding, I won my first timers class at a local show and placed 3rd in Novice in a show the following day. However, given my child bearing hips and particularly squat structure I realised that I was never going to be a great amateur bodybuilder. That said, I may have a run at the over 40's class in the coming year, keep an eye on my blog for that. 

Which brings us to current times, I have my own coaching business, Evalution Coaching (not a typo, my daughters name is Eva) I am the PCA Scotland promoter, I also on occasion host PCA shows throughout the UK so if you see me, come and say hi.


I met Dr Dean while we were educators on another online forum, we both have very similar values and wanted to have something that reflected this, hence we bring you SN Education. 

I hope you enjoy and most importantly learn a lot from the site, the links if you want to contact me for coaching enquiries is below, I look forward to interacting with you on the forum. 

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PCA Scotland

Show Promoter & Host

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Co Founder

SN Education


Certified Nutritionist

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