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500mg Tyrosine supports Thyroid
Hormone synthesis

Mitoburn L-BAIBA, Paradoxine and Capsimax fulfill the benefit of aiding the browning of fat cells, supporting lipolysis and glucose metabolism.

Schizandra can act as an adaptogen to lower stress which may effect TSH production.

Copper, Manganese and Molybdenum are essential minerals
for thyroid hormone regulation.

Folinic acid is a one of active forms of folate known as 5-formyl tetrahydrofolate; alongside methylcobalamin (B12) which both support methylation to stimulate the release of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

Olueropein has been demonstrated to increase T4 to active T3 conversion. Guggulsterone may help to increase Iodine uptake and stimulate TSH and Forskolin is a potent activator that can stimulate the release of T4 and T3 from the thyroid gland.

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Dr Dean St Mart left nothing behind when formulating this product.
A 15 ingredient non-proprietary blend containing key ingredients to support thyroid hormone metabolism, alongside 250mg L-BAIBA Mitoburn, 40mg Paradoxine, and 100mg Capsimax to aid in lipolysis and metabolic health.

Nothing hidden

Like every product in the Supplement Needs and
Dr Dean St Mart range,
no proprietary blends are used. What you see is what you get.

1 month supply

30 servings per pot. 
A convenient way to support your overall thyroid hormone production 
and metabolic health.

a great price

Priced at £34.99. 

You'll find it difficult to find another product dosed and matched on price!

Why use the THYROID STACK ?

Below is a video of Dr Dean explaining the Thyroid Stack in depth; from the ingredients chosen and doses, to its mechanism of action.

Everything you need to know is in the video, and if you've not watched the
Basic Thyroid video then head over to Tier 1 Health!


All of the Supplement Needs products have no proprietary blends. We only use the highest quality ingredients at research driven doses. To the right is the nutritional information for the Thyroid Stack. 

The Thyroid Stack is suitable for Vegetarians.

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