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simon hook

Simon Hook - Educator
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About me

Musculoskeletal rehab specialist who deals with a wide range of injuries and dysfunctions. Working alongside the general population, everyday fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, golfers as well as elite athletes. Using a multidisciplinary approach to improve levels of discomfort, return to pain-free activity, and find marginal gains in performance. The aim is to educate clients, improving their knowledge to take ownership over their bodies to confidently build strength and resilience.

My MSc in Musculoskeletal rehabilitation allows me to find optimal ways of assessing movement and prescribing rehab exercises, mobility, stability work as well as amendments to training programmes, volume and execution. This is available both online as well as in person in the Bournemouth area. Face-to-face appointments can also cover a range of therapy modalities to help reduce pain and discomfort such as advanced soft tissue work, spinal manipulation, dry needling and more.

Working in the fitness industry and universities over the past decade has also led me to run my own fitness training academy. Helping to educate the next generation of Personal Trainers, Online Coaches and sports Massage Therapists with their qualifications. Our courses are designed to create industry-leading, confident, and capable coaches. Creating a course that makes you stand out from others, which goes above and beyond the typical syllabus. Courses are taught and assessed both online as well as face to face via our bespoke online platform & we have students across the UK as well as Europe. Our learners have a bespoke learning experience with 1-1 support as well as group Zoom lessons.

Topics Covered

Rehab, training

Simon showcases his expertise each month with an in depth look to improving training and movement patterns in Adv Training, alongside mentoring on improving mobility and functionality in Adv Rehab.

My services

sports therapist

L3 Fitness Qualifications in Personal Training & Online Coaching both online and in-person.

Face-to-face and online injury consultations

Rehab & mobility programming

Bodybuilding specific rehab

Golf performance screening

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