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Lauren hunt

Lauren Hunt - Educator
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About me

Hi, I'm Lauren! I am a professional bodybuilder and fully qualified Chiropractor/physical therapist of 7 years based in Dorset.

My chiropractic pain and rehabilitation clinic, LMH Optimal Therapy, is based in Dorset where the goal is restore range of motion and restore quality to a muscle getting the individual back to optimal performance. This treatment is inclusive of adjustments, soft tissue mobilisation, acupuncture and many more techniques suited to the individual and their needs. 

Which is where LMH Optimal Posing was created with the aim to help competitors identify musculoskeletal imbalances within their posing to ensure that biomechanics do not hinder overall performance and stage presence.

I strive to maximise the quality of your posing, achieve your competitive goals and educate you on how to perform optimally on stage.


Over the years I have supplemented my education by completing courses such as optimum nutrition for health and performance as well as specialising in women's health.


I have always had a huge passion for musculoskeletal biomechanics and have been a passionate health and fitness enthusiast since the age of 16 leading me into the bodybuilding industry.

Topics Covered


Lauren is our resident expert when it comes to posing; applying her expertise as a chiropractor to showcase a unique approach to improving your posing and displaying your physique to its best potential.

My services

chiropractic & posing

I offer in person chiropractic treatment at my clinic LMH Optimal Therapy based in Dorset. As well as, telehealth consultations and programmes for those looking for guidance on rehabilitation for a particular injury or those generally looking to increase their spinal mobility. 

Within this premises is LMH Optimal Posing where I offer in person and online posing lessons for bikini, wellness and figure competitors.

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