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About me

My name is Dr Wiks. I am a qualified Medical (although not currently practicing) Doctor, Online Coach and Educator. 

Being born into a family of professional sportsmen, I naturally was infected with the love for sports which led me to compete nationally in gymnastics from the age of 3. This was until the age of 16, where my academics turned into my primary focus. Being a caring individual, naturally I was drawn to Medicine, and commenced my medical degree in 2017.

In 2020, a personal challenge was thrown at me, and I took a year out of my academic studies to attend a 2-month therapy. Though at the time, this circumstance appeared as an unfortunate one, I made a full recovery and gained a huge interest in psychotherapy and psychiatry. I massively evolved as a person, and thereafter, I felt a strong duty to spread the knowledge that I had learnt, which led me to commence my Online Coaching Business that complimented both my love for sports and personal evolution.

In July of 2023, I earnt my MBChB Degree from the University of Keele, and although I was certain I had hopes of taking the next steps of becoming a Junior Doctor, I felt was a pull towards the unknown and taboo medicine, which was not often covered, understood, or spoken about within the healthcare industry.

I saw a huge gap in the area of sports medicine, and to broaden the horizons of this, I decided to put a temporary halt to my doctor training pathway, and dive into the unknown to collate research and establish methods of treating people as ‘people’… rather than ‘diseases’ or prejudice based of their personal choices.

Some may say I am unconventional, but I would rather call it “forward-thinking”.

Topics Covered


Dr Wiks delivers in depth content surrounding Health, Physiology, Psychology and Functional Anatomy.

My services

online coaching

I am an Online Coach and Educator working with lifestyle clients and bodybuilding athletes.

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Hannah Mitchell - Educator
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