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Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell - Educator
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About me

I hold a MSc in Cancer Pharmacology and most recently worked as a specialist in Multiple Myeloma Diagnostics.

Growing up I loved anything active - football, karate, dance… all of it. I have danced and competed since the age of 3 and I began teaching dance at 14.

While my academic career was progressing, I still held a deep interest within my training, health and nutrition and studied for my nutrition diploma alongside in order to excel my own knowledge and to help others.

I have been competing in bodybuilding since 2019 and within this time I have won titles in Figure for PCA, WNBF and 2Bros.

Being able to combine my experience, my expertise and my passion is what led me to start my journey here with supplement needs.

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Topics Covered


Hannah is our resident expert on Nutrition and Nutritional Psychology, applying years of experience as a high level natural competitor.

My services


I combined my love for dance and training and started ‘Posing with Hannah LTD’. My purpose is to show athletes exactly what they are capable of. To provide the expertise, the tools and the knowledge so they can showcase their hard work and enjoy every minute on stage.


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